Bicycle Built For Two

This Scarecrows in Motion display was created for the 2004 Kurrajong Scarecrow Festival. The display includes six life-sized scarecrows, a wedding bicycle and a honky tonk piano, all individually handmade and animated to music. The scarecrows tell the story of one of the most famous music hall songs of all time, Daisy Bell. It took six weeks to create this display.

Daisy Bell Scarecrow Display

Daisy Bell -- a Famous Old Song

The chorus of Daisy Bell is a well-loved old time favourite of many Mums and Dads. But few people know that the song also has three verses! Here is the chorus and one of the verses:


Daisy Bell

Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do!
I'm half crazy, all for the love of you!
It won't be a stylish marriage,
I can't afford a carriage.
But you'll look sweet, upon the seat
Of a bicycle built for two!

There is a flower within my heart, Daisy, Daisy!
Planted one day by a glancing dart,
Planted by Daisy Bell!
Whether she loves me or loves me not,
Sometimes it's hard to tell;
Yet I am longing to share the lot
Of beautiful Daisy Bell!

This romantic old song was written by Harry Dacre in 1892. It first became a huge success when performed in London music halls by the singer, Katie Lawrence. Katie loved driving around the music halls in a jangling hansom cab so that everyone would know she was coming.

In the music halls, a pianist would play the tunes with great style and the singer, dressed in an elaborate hat and gown, would powerfully sing the songs. The audience would enthusiastically join in singing the most popular songs.

The Story of the Lovely Daisy Bell and her Ever-so-Handsome Groom, Harold

Daisy and HaroldThe actual story of Daisy Bell and her romance has been lost in the past. So we have created our own story around the song characters for our Strawy Family performance:

Bicycle Built for Two

Here are some scenes from the performance of Bicycle Built for Two by our Strawy Family of scarecrows.

Anton and his pianoThe famous Anton Strawy with his huge handlebar moustache is our scarecrow pianist. He plays away enthusiastically on a handmade piano and sways to the music. Stylised musical notes mounted on an elaborate candelabrum also swing back and forth, on top of the piano, to the music.
Scarecrow NellieOur scarecrow music hall singer is the beautiful Nellie Strawy. She has a long feather boa, a gorgeous flowing gown and a huge flowery hat. She dances gracefully as she sings.
Daisy & Harold on BicycleDaisy Bell in her lovely wedding gown and her ever-so handsome groom Harold are seated on their custom made wedding bicycle. The bicycle is bedecked with bells, flowers and ribbons and has a sweeping curvy design like beautiful curvy Daisy. Harold and Daisy actually pedal the bicycle as it goes down the street.
Scarecrows Alice & HarryDaisy's little sister, Alice, is the flower girl and Harold's little brother, Harry, is the page boy. Alice is so excited about being a flower girl with her cute white frock and flowers that she dances and dances with Harry as the music plays.

Scarecrow Festival Performance

The Bicycle Built for Two display was taken to Memorial Park in Kurrajong, NSW, on Sunday 24th October 2004 for the Kurrajong Scarecrow Festival. The scarecrows were animated to a selection of old time songs especially recorded on the piano for us by Betty Wagner. Betty is a talented pianist who has written a fun ebook on reading music notes.

The Bicycle Built for Two display entertained the crowds throughout the day and Daisy and Harold made two trips up the street through the market stalls, pedalling their wedding bicycle.

Kurrajong Scarecrow Festival Judges Riding the Bicycle down the Road
Nellie with Alex and James The Scarecrow Team
Top left: The Kurrajong Scarecrow Festival judges view the display; Top right: Daisy and Harold are taken for a ride up the road; Bottom left: Alex and James Wagner with Music Hall Scarecrow Singer, Nellie; Bottom right: Les Dollin, Alex Wagner, James Wagner and Anne Dollin with the display.
The display was awarded:
  • First prize in Special Projects Category;
  • First Prize in People's Choice Category; and
  • The Margaret Garcia Trophy for the Overall Winner of the Kurrajong Scarecrow Festival in 2004.

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