Old MacStrawy Had a Farm

This Scarecrows in Motion display was created for the 2002 Kurrajong Scarecrow Festival. The display included four life-sized scarecrows, individually handmade and animated to music. Supporting the main characters were a scarecrow horse, sheep and pig, a live donkey in a straw hat and a variety of smaller animals. The display was set up in front of a handmade facade of an old country barn. The scarecrows illustrated the old children's song, Old MacDonald had a Farm. It took two weeks to create this display.
Old MacStrawy Scarecrow Display

Old MacDonald Had a Farm


Old MacDonald Had a Farm

Old MacDonald Had a Farm
Ee i ee i oh!
And on that farm he had a cow / dog / donkey etc
Ee i ee i oh!

With a Moo Moo here
And a Moo Moo there.
Here a Moo,
There a Moo,
Everywhere a Moo Moo!
Old MacDonald Had a Farm
Ee i ee i oh!

Old MacStrawy Had a Farm

Here are some scenes from the performance of Old MacStrawy Had a Farm by our Strawy Family of scarecrows:
Pa MacStrawy and his horsePa MacStrawy, in his battered bush clothes, pats his farm horse, Jerry.
Ma MacStrawy with her knittingMa MacStrawy rocks back and forth in her rocking chair. Ma is knitting a strand of wool that is coming directly from the back of the scarecrow sheep in front of her!
The Scarecrow SheepCarol Webster with her strawy sheep, Molly.
Tha Scarecrow PigJulia Webster with her strawy pig, Horatio.
Suzie with her hatSuzie, our pet donkey, with her straw hat.
Scarecrow council workersOur two 'council worker' scarecrows, Pete and Mal, over the road, direct traffic to our main display.

Scarecrow Festival Performance

The Old MacStrawy Had a Farm display was shown to the Kurrajong Scarecrow Festival judges and passers by at our property on Saturday 19th October 2002. The display was animated to piano accordion music especially recorded for us by Betty Wagner. Betty is a music specialist who has written an entertaining ebook for children on how to read music.

Ma and Pa MacStrawy and the sheep and pig were then taken to Memorial Park in Kurrajong, NSW, on Sunday 20th October 2002 for the Kurrajong Scarecrow Festival.

The Old MacStrawy Had a Farm display was awarded the Margaret Garcia Trophy for the Overall Winner of the Kurrajong Scarecrow Festival in 2002.

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