About Scarecrows in Motion

The animated Scarecrows in Motion displays were created by the Dollin and Webster families of Kurrajong, NSW, Australia, for the Kurrajong Scarecrow Festival. None of us had any professional expertise in scarecrow making -- our occupations included an electician, a scientist, mushroom industry workers, a computer operator, a nurse, housewives and students! Yet we found that by combining our skills we were able to create these fun and unique displays.

We hope that this site and our companion website: makescarecrows.com will encourage you to get out and enjoy making beautiful scarecrows with your family and friends!

Scarecrow Markers and Contributors

Les Dollin
Anne Dollin
Gloria Dollin
Carol Webster
Julia Webster
David Webster
Jacqui Hawes
Ian O'Toole


Betty Wagner Anne Dollin
John Wagner

Scarecrow Animators

Les Dollin
Anne Dollin
Carol Webster
Julia Webster
David Webster
Alex Wagner
James Wagner
Ian O'Toole

Photography and Video

John Wagner Anne Dollin Ian O'Toole

Consultants and Supporters

Paul Wagner
Vhee Wagner
Benjamin Dollin
Brian Wyburn
Greg Upton
Phil Shepherd
Pat O'Toole
Len Webber
Kurrajong Fire Brigade
Kurrajong Comleroy Historical Society
Kurrajong Scarecrow Festival Committee
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Dollin Family History
We have traced the history of the Dollin family in Australia back to our roots in Dunster, England. Check out the Dollin family tree and see some old Dollin family photographs.

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Music resources on classical music, opera, jazz, rock, and more.

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