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All Saints Anglican Church at North Parramatta, NSW, held a terrific scarecrow festival on 1-2 April 2006. Dozens of scarecrows were displayed inside the beautiful 1840s All Saints sandstone church, with Parramatta State Member, Mrs Tanya Gadiel, choosing winning scarecrow entries in a range of categories.

Festival Organiser, Mrs Sadie Jones, said the festival was held to raise funds for a new sunday school building. As well as the scarecrow display, there was a live scarecrow competition, a scarecrow coloring in competition, and an art display and fair.

all saints scarecrow festival scarecrows come to church
A giant weatherproof scarecrow made by Peter and Sadie Jones proclaimed the coming festival outside the All Saints North Parramatta Church while dozens of creative scarecrows filled the church interior.
Scarecrows were contributed by local Cub groups, Rainbow Girls Youth Group, All Saints Sunday School, Tara Anglican School, members of Holroyd Art Society and Eastwood Embroidery Guild, and parishioners and families.
embroidered scarecrow cute miss scarecrow
school girl scarecow
Some of the winning scarecrows at the All Saints Scarecrow Festival: above, Best Adult entry and Overall Winner by Mrs Elaine Macdonald; top right, Best Adolescent entry by Emma Smith; and right, part of the Best School exhibit by Tara Girls Anglican School.
And The Winners were:
Scarecrow Name
Overall Winner and Best Adult
Mrs Elaine Macdonald, Eastwood Embroiderers Guild
The Pumpkin Kid
Best Adolescent
Emma Smith
Mildred Scarey
Most Traditional Scarecrow
Campbelltown Rainbow Girls
Cowboy Joe
Best Group
All Saint's Sunday School
Best School
Tara Girls Anglican School
Highly Commended
Kerrie Stapleton
The Pirate
Shirley Chivers, Holroyd Art & Craft
Sadie Jones
The Bridal Party
Jill Wenban, Bill Carey & Marj Black
The Minister
2nd & 4th Castle Hill Cubs
Dural Cubs
Guess the Scarecrow's Name Competition
Elise Matthews
scarecrow wedding scarecrow minister
a pirate scarecrow scarecrow coloring in
rainbow scarecrow
Clockwise from top left: Festival Organiser, Sadie Jones, with her scarecrow bride and groom; The Minister scarecrow; Rainbow Girl; an entry in the scarecrow colouring competition by Hollie of Tara Junior School; and a swashbuckling pirate scarecrow.
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