The Magical Scarecrows

Enjoy great scarecrow stories and support a fantastic charity effort!
Best selling author, Lynn Santer (aka ‘Auntie Lynn’ ) of The Magical Scarecrows has published three delightful scarecrow books for kids -- exciting thrillers that educate even as they entertain.

Sales of these books support Auntie Lynn’s ever expanding charity effort. Her KIDS WHO READ SUCCEED program supplies free books from the original series to any bona fide charity who requests them.  Books have been sent on request to such diverse places as:

-- The Pyjama Foundation, who provide readers for children in foster care who traditionally have lower academic achievement and a high percentage end up in jails before they are 16 years old as a result (Patron: Bryce Courtney)

-- A Word Without Books, a program run out of Sydney to help put books into the hands of Aboriginal communities.

-- An orphanage in Bali.

-- A Christian mission in India

-- Schools depleted of reading material in Zimbabwe

- The Leukaemia Foundation’s children

-- Paradise Kids in Crisis

-- And so on… and on… the list is actually quite extensive.

The Magical Scarecrows: Books One and Two
By Auntie Lynn
Light social, historical and cultural lessons for kids aged 5 to 11

Mother Earth breathed life into two Magical Scarecrows so they could do what we humans are largely not doing -- looking after the planet, the environment and our wildlife.

They embark on a series of daring adventures to rescue their animal friends from bushfires, fireworks night, slithering snakes and thieving magpies.

However, each Magical Scarecrow believes he is the only one of his kind on earth and hide their secret sadness. When migratory bird friends learn of their plight they begin a quest to find their straw-filled saviors another living scarecrow but, from opposite sides of the world, how might these two marvelous magical beings ever be able to meet?

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The Magical Scarecrows Garden
By Auntie Lynn and Catherine Chapman
Helps kids aged 3 to 4 learn about the value of fruits and vegetables and the importance of living a healthy life.

Ten Magical Scarecrows have been breathed to life by Mother Earth in ten different countries. They look after fields and orchards and are worried that not everyone is eating the right foods to grow up strong and healthy.

To help, Mother Earth brings one fruit or vegetable to life in each country where there lives a Magical Scarecrow for one night each to join them on their adventures! What a special magical surprise! Would you like to know what happens?

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Book Descriptions

-- paperback
-- 100 pages
-- 8 inch by 10 inch
-- fully illustrated in rich colours by Jean Thomas.
-- also available in Kindle edition online

Other Magical Scarecrow Products that Support Auntie Lynn’s Charity Work
-- DVD readings of The Magical Scarecrow stories by celebrities such as Barry Crocker and Nikki Webster,
-- a story book music CD for very young children,
-- t-shirts, caps,
-- mouse pads,
-- affirmation cards for kids,
-- swap and collect cards,
-- food for thought cards (from the Garden series)

For more details or to get your copies of The Magical Scarecrow books, visit:

A Magical Scarecrows mobile

The Magical Scarecrows at Scarecrow Festivals
Auntie Lynn and The Magical Scarecrows were one of the star attractions at the Mount Tamborine Scarecrow Festival in June 2008. Celebrity, Nikki Webster, came along to support The Magical Scarecrows display.

Right: Auntie Lynn with Nikki Webster at the Mount Tamborine Scarecrow Festival

If Auntie Lynn’s expenses are covered, she would be happy to bring The Magical Scarecrows display to other scarecrow festivals and would be happy to negotiate arrangements with her celebrity friends where the festivals might be interested.

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