'Gibson's Gully Collection'
by Paul and Lesley Hulbert

Gibson's Gully Japanese LadyPaul and Lesley Hulbert moved to Kurrajong, NSW, Australia, with their family in 1984. The Kurrajong’s natural assets have worked their magic on the Hulbert family.

At Gibson’s Gully their home is solar powered and, with five of the seven acres being beautiful Kurrajong forest, Lesley’s horticultural interests have meshed with Paul’s photographic interests to create the ‘Gibson’s Gully Collection’ of photographs.

Paul has been the official photographer for the Kurrajong Scarecrow Festival for several years and he particularly enjoys taking environmental portraits of people.

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A Selection of Photographs from the
Gibson's Gully Collection

Gibson's Gully Native Grass
'Native Grass'
Gibson's Gully Clock
Gibson's Gully Clock
Gibson's Gully Pantry