Classroom Scarecrows Under Construction

Here are some more photographs of the children of Kurrajong Public School Year 1 making their prize-winning scarecrow display for the 2005 Kurrajong Scarecrow Festival:
Talented scarecrow makers!
Clever Year 1 kids with their scarecrows!
Congratulations to all the class!
One student was not in the above photographs as she was absent on this scarecrow making day. However, she collected scarecrow making materials and sent them in with her classmates so that her scarecrow could be completed along with all the others. Great job!
Kurrajong Public School Year 1
The proud scarecrow makers of Kurrajong Public School Year 1
-- Take a close up look at how Mrs Barwick and Year 1 made this scarecrow display.

-- See individual photographs of the scarecrows and stories about the scarecrows written by the children.

-- See photographs of the whole scarecrow display.

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