Making the Scarecrow Class

Mrs Janelle Barwick created a simple but effective scarecrow design for her Kurrajong Public School Year 1 students to make:
Scarecrow face1. Paint a scarecrow face onto the back of a 15 cm diameter paper plate. (Scarecrow face painted by Megan.)
Scarecrow hair2. Paint the back of another matching paper plate yellow, to represent strawy hair. Cut some straw into short lengths and glue it to the back of the plate.
Attaching the strawy hair3. Place the two paper plates, face to face, and insert long pieces of straw between the plates, to represent the scarecrow's hair style. Fix the long straw in place by stapling the two plates together around the edges (see arrows).

The straw hair can then be cut to any desired length and/or tied with colourful ribbons made from crepe paper (see photographs of the children's individual scarecrows).

A ruler support for the scarecrow face4. Mount a wooden school ruler between the plates at the bottom to hold up the scarecrow face. An additional ruler needs to be joined to the bottom of the first ruler to increase the length of this support, when the face is finally mounted on the scarecrow body.
Making her scarecrow5. Slip a school uniform top over the back of a chair. Fill the body and arms of the top with newspaper. Mount the scarecrow's head by pushing its ruler support into the finished body. Tuck some straw around the neckline as decoration if desired. (Photograph shows one of the talented Year 1 students making her scarecrow.)
Scarecrows in school6. Position a pair of school uniform pants on the seat of the chair and fill the pants with newspaper. Add shoes at the bottom of the legs. Position the scarecrow against a desk and provide the scarecrow with pencils, to make it look like it is completing a class worksheet.
Here are some of the Kurrajong Public School Year 1 students with their scarecrows:
Making two scarecrow ponytails
Scarecrow hair styling
Proud scarecrow maker
Proud scarecrow maker
A job well done, kids!
-- See more photographs of the children making these scarecrows.

-- See photographs of the whole display.

-- See individual photographs of the scarecrows and stories about the scarecrows written by the children.

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