Kurrajong Public School -- Year 1 Scarecrows

Here are some individual photographs of scarecrows made by the children of Year 1 Kurrajong Public School for their prize-winning entry in the 2005 Kurrajong Scarecrow Festival. Next to each photograph is a story written by each student about their scarecrow.
Victoria's scarecrowVictoria's Scarecrow

Name: Google Eyes

She is a beautiful lady. She has gorgeous lips and lovely blue eyes. She has short blonde hair. She lives in a mansion with her servants and 100 cats. She eats pizza with choc chip ice-cream over it. She once was a teacher but got sick of it.

Ken's scarecrowKen's Scarecrow

Name: Keno

He has yellow eyes. He has a blue nose. He has a stitched on mouth. He has the same colour hair as me! He likes eating chicken schnitzel & beer battered fries. He's a great chef!

Cameron's scarecrowCameron's Scarecrow

Name: Camo

He has short hair that is black. He has trouble making it flat. He lives near the cottage in the vegie garden. He likes to scare the crows and make sure they don't eat the vegies.

Tilly's scarecrowTilly's Scarecrow

Name: Miss Star

She has sparkly red lips and beautiful blue sparkly eyes. She has sparkly long hair and an anxious expression on her face. She eats party pies when there's a party but at other times she eats biscuits.

Megan's scarecrowMegan's Scarecrow

Name: Chloe

She has a big smile. She has ponytails in her hair. She likes eating tomatoes and cake. She likes to dance and skate in the snow. She likes to skip.

Brodie's scarecrowBrodie's Scarecrow

Name: Josh

It has lovely hair. It has red eyes. It lives in an underground house. It eats straw. It used to do preschool. It loved playing with scrap paper. It has different friends.

Jacinta's scarecrowJacinta's Scarecrow

Name: Emily

It has a beautiful smile. It's got a big fat tummy. Its favourite colour is purple. It lives in a cottage far away. It eats lolly snakes. It does cartwheels with one hand.

Jessica's scarecrowJessica's Scarecrow

Name: Mary

She has beautiful blue ribbons in her hair and she likes her hair in ponytails on the sides. She lives in an old horse carriage in the bush by a river. She loves octopus and pizza. Her cats sleep in her hat and her dogs sleep on her bed.

Damon's scarecrowDamon's Scarecrow

Name: Good Damon

It looks like it's happy. He looks like me. He eats broccoli and carrots green soup. He puts his head down and works hard and when he goes home he likes to do his homework.

Alexandra's scarecrowAlexandra's Scarecrow

Name: Miss Crow

She is always happy and loves school. Her best friends are Emily and Mary. Her favourite colour is red. She lives at a creek in a cottage with two dogs and her mum. She eats lolly snakes and lolly frogs and weet bix.

Murray's scarecrowMurray's Scarecrow

Name: Naughty Ned

He has two black eyes and red nose and a black mouth. His hair is short because he goes to the hairdressers every Sunday. He eats baked beans. He is the only Spanish speaking scarecrow in Kurrajong.

Mrs Barwick's scarecrowMrs Barwick's Scarecrow

Name: Miss Dinglewop

She likes ticks not crosses, reading stories out loud and red lipstick. She lives in a cottage with her seven cats, who help keep the birds away from her vegetable garden. She loves being a teacher and loves all the children in her class, even the naughty ones! Miss Dinglewop once worked as a deckhand on a sailing boat, but didn't like smelling like fish.

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