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Year 1 Scarecrow Stories 2006

Photos and Reports on 2006 Kurrajong Scarecrow Festival

Kurrajong Public School 2006 Scarecrow Display

Year 1 Making Scarecrows in 2006

Kurrajong Public School Year 1 students wrote some charming stories about the scarecrows they created for the 2006 Kurrajong Scarecrow Festival.

Bad Bart the Burglar
by Nicholas

Once upon a time there was a very, very nasty burglar and his name was Bad Bart the Burglar. He liked to steal lots and lots of things. He was very, very mean to lots of people.

At night he liked to go to other people’s homes and steal lots of jewellery. He did it very, very late at night.

One day Bad Bart the Burglar went to rob a bank and he stole $900 and ran off down the path, and across the road.

One week later he robbed another bank and stole $1000 and ran off down the path and on to the road.

Then a car came and ran over Bad Bart the Burglar. He was put in the hospital because he had broken his neck and his foot.

Then Bad Bart died. Everyone started to yell, "Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!" because everyone hated him.

After that everyone lived happily ever after. Until ...

The next year Bad Bart the Burglar Junior continued with the stealing !

Princess Diamond Kristie
by Georgia

Once upon a time there was a girl called Princess Diamond Kristy.

One day, as she was in her house getting dressed she looked in her mirror. She saw that Bad Bart the Burglar was in her house. He was stealing $1000 from her bedroom. When Bad Bart had left she was crying.

The next day Bad Bart came back and stole her jewellery and gold.

The next day she went for a walk, wearing her tiara. Bad Bart came along and stole her tiara.

He said, "I want to steal all your stuff because you are a princess. But now that I like you, I will give all your stuff back."

And every one lived happily ever after.

Princess Jessica
by Kacey

Once upon a time there was a young lady called Jessica. She lived with her family in an old and very bad looking cottage, because they were poor.

One day one of Jessica’s rich friends bought her a nice ring that had a pink stone. That ring is worth $100.

One day Jessica went for a walk and she tripped over a rock. Her ring fell off her finger. She got up and kept on walking. She didn’t know she had lost her ring.

Then Bad Bart the Burglar found Jessica’s ring.

The next day she met him. They liked each other so they went on lots of dates with each other.

So after a long time Bad Bart the Burglar asked her to marry him. But the ring was the one that her rich friend bought her.

Bad Bart the Burglar said, "Then your the lady who tripped over and lost you’re ring."

Then Jessica said, "Then you are who took my ring."

Then Jessica said, "Can I please have my ring back?"

Then Bad Bart the Burglar said … "Since I like you I will give it back."

So from that day on everyone lived happily ever after.

Kurrajong Public School's 2005 Scarecrow Display by Year 1

Photos and Reports on 2006 Kurrajong Scarecrow Festival

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