Kurrajong Public School -- Year 1 Scarecrows Continued

Here are some more individual photographs of scarecrows made by the children of Year 1 Kurrajong Public School for their prize-winning entry in the 2005 Kurrajong Scarecrow Festival. Next to each photograph is a story written by each student about their scarecrow.
Matthew's scarecrowMatthew's Scarecrow

Name: Short Neck

He is a clown with eyes that spring out. He lives in a wobbly home. He eats straw bricks. He scares crows and the crows scare him! He never stops smiling because his smile is stitched on.

Ella's scarecrowElla's Scarecrow

Name: Elle

She looks like a young scarecrow lady. She has pretty blue ribbons in her hair. She lives in a hotel with her 100 birds. She eats candy canes and chocolate. She hates brussel sprouts. She wears lipstick and jewellery.

Joshua's scarecrowJoshua's Scarecrow

Name: Short Hair Josh

He has really short hair. He has straw in his jacket. He looks happy. He has trouble standing up though. He eats mud cake at birthday partys and toast for breakfast. He plays soccer. He's the best player on our team!

Eliza's scarecrowEliza's Scarecrow

Name: Rose

She has a big smile and blue eyes. She has a ponytail. She lives on the river in a house. She eats bananas and eggs. She does ballet. She hates school and is bad at maths.

Georgia's scarecrowGeorgia's Scarecrow

Name: Miss Ribbet

She looks like my twin and she has a gorgeous red ribbon. She lives with me. She eats corn flakes. She does my work. She goes to music lessons each Friday afternoon.

Hannah's scarecrowHannah's Scarecrow

Name: Zoe

It looks like an old man. It has long hair. It has wobbly lips. It lives at home. It eats weat bix. It likes to watch television. It can run.

Samantha's scarecrowSamantha's Scarecrow

Name: Red Ears

She has short hair. She lives at Kurrajong School. She eats biscuits and fruit. She watches TV all the time and her favourite program is The Simpsons. She goes ice skating.

Riley's scarecrowRiley's Scarecrow

Name: Rabbit Ears

His nose looks like a number nine and his hair is really short and his face is sad. He lives in the Zoo. Elephants are his favourite food. He watches TV all the time. He likes to hop like a rabbit and play football.

Paige's scarecrowPaige's Scarecrow

Name: Miss Halloween Eyes

She lives in a tower with her 1000 cats and her eight dogs. She eats wheat bix and blackberries. She loves counting to 100. She loved eating cake, but got a rotten tooth.

Laurel's scarecrowLaurel's Scarecrow

Name: Miss Blue Bell

She looks like my twin. She is cute. She lives in a cave. She likes to eat strawberries. She likes listening to the teacher. She likes eating and she likes cats.

Caithlin's scarecrowCaithlin's Scarecrow

Name: Twinkle

She has beautiful lips. She has beautiful blond hair as well. She lives in 1B's classroom. She likes pasta and chocolate. She likes skipping. She works really hard.

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