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Strawy Matilda
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Australian Scarecrow Festivals
Kurrajong Scarecrow Festival - Introduction
Kurrajong Scarecrow Festival - 2006 Displays
Kurrajong Scarecrow Festival - More 2006 Displays
Milton Scarecrow Festival
Mt Tamborine Scarecrow Festival
Maleny Scarecrow Festival
All Saints Nth Parramatta Scarecrow Festival

Kurrajong Public School Year 1 Scarecrow Display 2005
The Whole Display
How the Classroom Scarecrows were Made
Individual Scarecrows and their stories -- Part 1
Individual Scarecrows and their stories -- Part 2
More Photographs of the Children Making their Scarecrows

Kurrajong Public School Scarecrow Displays 2006
Kurrajong Public 2006: K to Year 6 Displays
Kurrajong Public 2006: Year 1 making scarecrows
Kurrajong Public 2006: Year 1 scarecrow stories

How the Scarecrows in Motion are Made
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